Contoh Descriptive Text yang Baik dan Benar

sehabis di awalnya kami memposting artikel mengenai semisal narrative text pendek lengkap, saat ini kami bakal membicarakan artikel yang tetap terkait yakni semisal descriptive text. lebih dari satu semisal dibawah ini dapat anda pakai untuk keperluan tugas sekolah atau beberapa hal akademis lain yang terkait dengan bhs inggris.

semisal descriptive text yang baik serta benar

contoh descriptive text yang baik dan bagus

1. semisal descriptive text mengenai hewan

sebagai semisal pertama descriptive text bhs inggris, maka di sini bakal diangkat mengenai semisal descriptive text mengenai hewan. adapun judul descriptive text mengenai hewan ini yaitu what is a butterfly ?. untuk lihat semisal selengkapnya, silakan simak di bawah di bawah ini.

what is a butterfly ?

butterflies are beautiful, flying insects with large scaly wings. like all insects, they have six legs, three body parts, a pair of antennae, and compound eyes. the three body parts are the head, thorax ( the chest ), and abdomen ( the tail end ). the four wings and the six legs of the butterfly are connected to the thorax. the thorax contains the muscles that make the legs and wings move.

butterflies ere very good fliers. they have two pairs, of large wings covered with colourful scales. butterflies and moths are the only insects that have scaly wings. the wings are connected to the butterfly’s thorax ( mid-section ). butterflies can only fly if their body temperature is above 27 degrees centigrade. butterflies sun themselves to warm up in cool weather. as butterflies get older, the colour of the wings fades and the wings become ragged.

the speed varies among butterfly species ( the poisonous varieties are slower than noun – poisonous varieties ). the fastest butterflies can fly at about 50 kilometers per hour ( kph ) or faster. slow flying butterflies fly about 8 kph.

2. semisal descriptive text mengenai artis

semisal descriptive text mengenai artis di sini bakal dingkat mengenai cerita kecantikan seorang artis amerika serikat yang bernama miley cyrus. untuk lihat descriptive text ini dengan lengkap, silakan baca di bawah ini.

miley cyrus

her name is miley cyrus. she is an actress and singer from usa. she was born on november 23, 1992 in franklin, tennessee.
miley cyrus is the daughter of a country singer, billy ray cyrus. her mother is dolly parton, a famous american singer.

miley cyrus has an oval face. her hair is wavy. the colour is brown. miley cyrus is a vegetarian. she doesnt like eating some meat.

her favourite meal is chinese food. miley cyrus has a bad habit. she likes to bite her nails very often.

3. semisal descriptive text mengenai ibu

sebagai semisal descriptive text bhs inggris yang ketiga yaitu mengenai semisal descriptive text mengenai ibu yang dengan lengkap dapat diliat di bawah ini.

my mother

i think that my mother is a beautiful person. she is not tall but not short, and she has curly hair and brown. her eyes color are like honey and her color skin color light brown, and she has a beautiful smile. her weight likes 120 lbs.

she is a very kind person. she is very lovely, friendly, patient, and she loves to help people. i love my mom, because she is a good example to me. she loves being in the church, and she loves sing and dance too.

she is a very good child, wife and mother. she always takes care of her family. she likes her house to be clean and organized. she a very organized person, and all things in the house are in the right place. she doesn’t like messes.

she always has a smile on her face. she is so sweet and lovely. i like when i am going to sleep or went i wake up or when i am going to go to some places, she always give me a kiss, and when the family have a permasalahan she always be with us to helps us and to give us all her love.

tersebut lebih dari satu semisal semisal descriptive text. sehabis lihat semisal diatas, anda dapat berdiskusi dengan rekan sekolah untuk bikin descriptive text dengan mandiri untuk keperluan tugas sekolah atau akademis. semoga berguna serta mendukung.


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